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Remula Wazokana's Live Journal

...Into the world of Evilz Reincarnation...

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Remula Wazokana
13 December 1987
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INTJ/ISTJ split. Recent architecture graduate, currently spending my days reading fic when I'm not job hunting -- or is it the other way around?

American Born Chinese [ABC] and grew up in San Diego. Love watching anime and reading manga, which I'm sure you guessed from my super uncreative username (shut up, I was in middle school!), but haven't had time to do that in a long while. Enjoy watching Taiwanese dramas, even with their bad acting and cliche storylines (though I haven't done this either in a long while!). Addicted to music and can't live without it.

(Someday, I will obtain Remula as my username, as soon as LJ decides to purge that account!) FUCK YES, FINALLY GOT IT!
Contains profanity, anime / manga / TV / book / etc. spoilers, rants, and anything else you can think of that relates to life. I like to talk about anything that catches my interest, so that includes a lot of RL stuff as well as fandom stuff and fic recs. I don't really cut my posts unless it I plan for an extremely long post or something.

I used to post daily, but now I'm just trying to keep up with school and life. Hopefully LJ will still be a part of that as well. More frequent updates can be found of Twitter.
I read A LOT of fics. So if you're fic-reading inclined, I post fic recs over at Simple Pleasures. Recs are mirrored both here at remula_recs and over on DW at [personal profile] simplepleasures. I also have a digest of the day's recs posts here under the fic recs tag, so multiple places to get your fic fix. XD

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Stylesheet from thefulcrum and modified by me. =)
1x2, 1x2x1, 2x1, 2x1x2, 3x4, 3x4x3, 4x3, 4x3x4, 87x88, 88x87, a fire inside, adam carson, afi, akihika, akira/hikaru, anime, ariadne, art, arthur/eames, black, blaqk audio, bmb, boy meets boy, cantonese movies, chang wufei, chinese movies, chinese songs, davey havok, dir en grey, draco malfoy, draco/harry, drawing, duo maxwell, echizen ryoma, edison chen, eiji kikumaru, fall out boy, fan fiction, fan-fiction, fma, frank iero, fuji syusuke, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, gareas elidd, golden pair, gravitation, green, gundam seed, gundam wing, hajime no ippo, harry potter, harry/draco, heero yuy, hiead, hiead gner, hiead/zero, hijikata, hikaru no go, hunter burgan, inception, inui sadaharu, inui/kaidoh, inukai, ishida akira, j-pop, j-rock, jade puget, javey, kikumaru eiji, kumagorou, kunimitsu tezuka, leon lai, manga, megami kouhosei, megumi hayashibara, metro station, midorikawa hikaru, mikey way, music, my chemical romance, naruto, nittle grasper, oishi/eiji, orikasa ai, p!atd, panic! at the disco, patd, poetry, prince of tennis, quatre, quatre raberba winner, reading, ryan ross, ryoma echizen, sakuma ryuichi, seguchi tohma, shindou shuichi, shoujo ai, shounen ai, shounen-ai, slash, tatsuha uesugi, television, temeraire, tenipuri, tennis no ohjisama, tennis no oujisama, tezuka kunimitsu, tezuka/fuji, the golden pair, tohma seguchi, tokio hotel, touya akira, trowa barton, tsume/kiba, tsume/toboe, uesugi eiri, uesugi tatsuha, winning, wolf's rain, writing, wufei chang, xelloss, yaoi, yuki eiri, yuri, zelgadiss, zero/hiead

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